“Celebration” MUSIC VIDEo









Cinematic, filmic, sarcastic style footage. Heavily desaturated, slow, minimal camera moves.


Characters to portray: 

-Cam Smith (as himself)

-Cam's friends (which he presents machine to) (5-10 people total)


The story plays out following Cam Smith as himself, in a very sarcastic role. Cam will be constructing a machine with the intention of making a difference in the world/helping people. The issue that becomes present throughout the story though is that he frequently seeks input from multiple friends and colleagues on what they think should be adjusted to make it best. This premise will be a sarcastic metaphor for the music industry and the constant feeling of needing to please everyone in the industry with your music. Scenes will be shot of Cam creating this machine in a home garage to emphasize the "homemade' aspect of the story. This machine will consist of broken electronics/machinery which will be connected together with wires/cables. Once constructed, Cam will proudly present the machine to his friends (metaphor for the music industry). His friends see that this "elaborate machine" actually accomplishes nothing and give him a look as if they aren't at all interested/impressed. This footage will be cut between band performance in the same garage location.

*This footage will be shot/edited in a way which portrays sarcasm as clearly as possible* 



Artist performance footage will play out as Cam playing every instrument. Cam will be dressed in different outfits while playing each instrument (guitar, bass drums). Each outfit will be a sarcastic stab at stereotypical styles/trends within the music industry. This footage will be cut between the plot/story strategically to portray a very sarcastic vibe. B-roll will also be shot of Cam acting in a sarcastic way & portraying these stereotypes within the music scene. 

Colors to use: 

Natural looking light to maintain that filmic/cinematic look

Edit Pace: 

Plot & artist performance will be strategically cut together to give off a clear sarcastic vibe and maintain a cinematic look. Scenes with more sarcasm will have longer cuts where more performance based cuts will be quicker.


*Reference for Sarcasm that will be portrayed & stereotypical outfits*



Shot List:

0:00 - 0:10  -  Establishing shots of the garage (Ext, Int), tools, and debris from making the machine.

0:10 - 0:30-  *Slow Motion* Cam (looking somewhat dirty and sweaty as if he's been hard at work) grabbing various parts around his garage and setting them in a disorganized pile on a table. Wide and tight shots of this.

0:30 - 1:03-  Show Cam performing in two of the SIX wardrobe options.

1:03 - 1:37  -  Cam begins assembling the "machine" that he has set out to create. This sequence shows him pulling apart the appliances he has gathered, inspecting the insides seeing what he can make happen, etc. He also sings along to the song dressed in wardrobe three.

1:38 - 2:11-  Cam finishes up the machine and gets it to the "beta" stage where he is ready to present it to peers to get feedback. He displays the machine, briefly explains its intent and how to use it, and then lets his peers inspect it for review. Each person that takes a look at it hands him a "score card" that suggests changes that could be made to it to accommodate what they feel is important/beneficial. Secondary shots of him performing in wardrobe four will now be cut in.

2:12 - 2:46-  Cam takes the notes and begins addressing them one by one. Visibly stressing out while reviewing them to imply that it is a difficult task to make all of these elements possible within one machine. We now see Cam really get to work, sparks are flying in the garage, the machine seems to be coming to life much more (Still chaotic looking though).

2:47 - 2:48  -  We introduce the last two wardrobe looks that cam will be wearing while performing and play out all performance shots as one big montage.

2:49 - 3:35  -  Cam now corrals his peers back for one final unveiling of the machine he's been working on. He assembles everyone in front of the table that houses the machine with a large cloth draped over top. He gives everyone the rundown on what changes he's made, what it can be used for, etc. Essentially being shown as a "salesman type" trying to get the crowd excited for what he has built. Towards the very end, we see him excitedly remove the cloth covering the machine, and reveals it to everyone in the room. He turns it on which lights it/the room up as it runs. The table shakes, things begin to spark in the machine (possibly have Cam give a big diabolical laugh for irony), and then it lets out one big puff of smoke before sitting completely still.

3:36 - End  -  The final two shots: #1 The camera is in front of Cam and slowly dollys inwards as he smiles and leans down to open the machine to present to everyone what he has made. #2 The last shot is an "OTS" of the machine, opening up to the crowd with a huge bright light shining out of the chamber that collects what the machine has made. The crowd of people all look at it with a major lack of confidence and enthusiasm, now with the understanding that what was made ultimately serves no purpose and provides little value to them on an individual level.