The Word Alive – Stare at the sun”


Directed By: Orie McGinness

Written By: Orie McGinness

Produced By: Enlighten Creative Studio




Constant motion and fast paced cuts to compliment the driving tone of the song. The band and room will be seemingly naturally lit, with a subtle smokey look to push the cinematic look. Deep reds and oranges will be used in the final color grade to compliment the title of the song.

Artist Performance Outline:

The band is seen performing in a very large, beat up, bright lit room. Large red and orange lights will be seen beaming in from behind the band to heavily back-light the room, letting us cast a dramatic shadows in front of the guys as they perform. The goal of this look is to simulate an environment where the sun might be twice as close, and twice as bright as it would be normally. Additionally, a dense amount of haze will be seen to allow beams of light shine through different elements of the room. Potentially, the band will be lit from above using a brighter, more washed out tone to retain skin tone and detail for final color grading. The colors we will aim to capture will be deep yellows, oranges, bright whites, and a dark, vibrant red. This will be accomplished by the style of lighting we choose for the set, style of wardrobe, location, and final color grading. I would like to get a variety of shots of the guys playing the song together, as well as tighter shots of each of each member really digging into what they're playing.

Most of the camera work will be executed on some sort of stabilizer (Dolly, gimbal, potentially a jib crane, etc) to further push the cinematic look. These shots will vary from large, quick, and steady wide shots moving across the room, to slow and deliberate shots to really showcase what each member is playing at that point in the song. We will utilize a fair amount of fast-to-slow motion in the edit to match the driving hits that occur throughout the song. One element I personally would really like to push would be a contrasting dynamic between dry, dusty air, while the guys look almost sweaty just from how hot the earth would be if the sun was closer to them.


Visual effects/Camera Gimmicks:

As we see the band performing in this large space with deep orange and red lighting, an element I really want to use as the "Theme" of the video would be heavy use of mirror shots. The effect would simply be to place 10 - 15 mirrors around the set, all set sideways, on the ground, leaning against cabs, etc to allow the bands reflections to be seen. The camera would focus on wide shots of the guys performing, and move its way towards 1 of the mirrors. Eventually, the reflection would become the entire shot that is seen (see video reference below). This effect could repeat as little or as much we want.


Edit Pace:

Cuts will heavily rely on the pace of the song. Faster action will be shown during the faster sections of the song, where the slower parts will have longer cuts to let the video breathe a bit.


The band will be seen wearing semi-dark earth toned clothing to match the color of the room. Clothing style would be a bit more casual, but still stylish and well fitting. 

Video References:

The video below is meant to reference camera motion, angles, and location feel. Specifically, the hazy tone, and low angle lighting beaming in through the windows.

Tentative Location:

I have inquired to the location owner of the space below for availability. It is located in Pico Gardens in downtown Los Angeles. If approved, I will schedule a tech scout.

Telle & Danny solo Performance Outline:

We will shoot individual shots of Telle performing near one of the windows in the space. This shot will be specifically framed to showcase the rugged look of the location, and its architectural features. This shot will progressively get brighter, and more orange, as if the sun is getting closer to earth. Throughout the takes, Telle progressively gets more and more bothered from the intensity of the light, eventually trying to shield his eyes as he looks out. The light intensity and elements to accompany that effect will be accomplished using simple visual effects with the footage that we would capture. This also gives us a cohesive option for Danny's feature as well. If we can get him in a spot that feels similar to the room we capture Telle in, then meshing the two together would eliminate obvious continuity issues and feel more intentional overall.